Baja Fractional Beach House Meets the Needs of the Green Consumer

Casa Del Sol on the Southern Baja East Cape to be constructed as a self-sustaining property with small carbon footprint for the second home vacation buyer


Carlsbad, CA – November 13, 2008 – Los Cabos Mexico has a new developer that not only is focused on providing Baja aficionados with beautiful, high-end accommodations but, more importantly, is concerned with the impact they have on the environment. SJR Capital today announced their plans to build the new Casa Del Sol beachfront house along the pristine beaches of Southern Baja’s East Cape. Located in the exclusive Cabo Vinorama Estates, the lavishly-appointed 5-master suite home will be developed as a totally self-sufficient, energy efficient house that will generate its own solar power and manage its own water treatment. In addition, the house will be sold as 1/13 fractional shares and lessening the environmental impact of 13 owners owning 13 different homes in a vacation destination.

“Owning a green home isn’t simply a matter of saving energy and water, and reducing waste, it also makes good financial sense,” says Steve J. Rude, Owner and Developer at SJR Capital. “If everyone who wanted second homes in exclusive resort areas did in fact purchase homes, prices would skyrocket due to shortage of land, building supplies and labor in these areas. The concept of fractional ownership solves this problem and offers buyers an economical alternative to full ownership that satisfies their leisure and eco-lifestyle.”

Becoming increasing popular in exclusive areas and especially Baja real estate, solar power will be the primary source for energy at the 5,214 sq. ft. Casa Del Sol beachfront home. With more than 340 days of sunshine annually throughout the Los Cabos region, the installation of photo-voltaic panels on luxury home rooftops has become a best practice in reducing the carbon footprint for high-end luxury home living.
Solar power is produced by using a photovoltaic system to convert sunlight directly into electricity by converting photon (light particles) into electrons (negatively charged particles) This process causes the atoms to release their electrons in a way that produces a direct current (DC) similar to the energy from batteries.

In addition, SJR Capital has teamed up with BIO-AGUA Wastewater Treatment Systems to treat all toilet, bath, kitchen sink and laundry wastewater allowing the effluent or outflow to be recycled on garden and property soil. Not only is the ecological treatment process versatile and efficient, it also operates on low electrical consumption made perfect for solar power.

Life indoors will further be enhanced with an abundance of natural lighting and open living areas commonly seen in Mexican homes. Also, organic and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints will be used to help protect air quality and ensure the safety of owners and their families.


About SJR Capital
Based in Carlsbad, California, SJR Capital specializes in real estate sales and marketing of luxury homes along the East Cape of Southern Baja. Founded in 2006 by Steven J. Rude, the company has established partnerships with top architects, interior designers, and construction and building companies throughout Los Cabos to offer their clients the highest-quality Baja real estate product. For more information, please visit or call 760.438.9922.

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